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Icon Dump! - #1

Here comes a post of icons I've submitted for Icontests. Some of them have won placings.

The usual rules apply. If you're taking any, comment and with what numbers.
Credit me if you use them and please no hotlinking.

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-- Tams

NOH8 Campaign

Dawson's Creek - #1

These icons were part of the 100icons challenge. I had until 3rd July to finish it and I finished it just the other day. It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to do another day. Finished June 22nd 2006.

+ Credit if taking.
+ Please no hotlinking.
+ Read the rules here

+ Teasers +   ...pretty...

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Hope ya'll like em =)

-- Tams

NOH8 Campaign


I'm cleaning out tams_icons

If you're looking for posts with icons, they'll come back =)

Just making changes and out with the old sort of thing =)
NOH8 Campaign



If you want to be affiliates with my comm, please comment in my journal and I'll add you =) Doesn't have to solely be icons, can be challenges, resources etc... =)

Please Comment with:
+ The name of your icon journal, community, site or whatever it is you want to affiliate
+ A little about your icon journal (i.e. if you also write tutorials, offer resources ect.) so that I may write a short description on my affiliates page!
+ If you have made a link back button that you would like me to use

- Tams