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Episode Challenge - NCIS 1.01

Here's another one of the episode Challenges...I'm really enjoying this and I'm just sorry I haven't spent more time on these icons.

Having fun though =)

I'm working on pilots of all my favourite shows and here is the next bunch.

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Don't forget the rules though =)

+ No hotlinking or stealing
+ Comment if you're taking any
+ Credit tamswitter or tams_icons

- Tams

NOH8 Campaign

Episode Challenge - Bones 1.01

Okay, so clashed_graphic made herself a wee icon challenge which I've copied in the hopes of getting my icon creative juices running again, coz I miss making them.

This is the challenge: So as my challenge for myself I'm going to make icons from both shows but the way I'm going to do is I'll go in episode order and I'll be making 25 icons per episode.

So I started with Bones, mainly because I found an awesome graphic site. Many thanks go to pixation (spiffydaze) at Crafty Monkey for the awesome caps.

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Coming soon....Well I don't know yet, you'll just have to wait and see =)

-- Tams